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Pilates incorporates a selection of exercises designed to connect the mind with the body. There are numerous disciplines to choose from, but we offer a clinical approach to Pilates with our Graduate Sports Therapists.

"Since starting the Pilates classes my back pain has vanished and I can move much more freely. I definitely recommend this class to anyone."

Mr G Armstrong

Matwork Pilates is the foundation for all other Pilates, that targets our deep postural control muscles in the abdomen, also referred to as the ‘core’ or ‘powerhouse’.

These muscles help to support the spine throughout postural movement and enhance normal movement patterns. Once the core is stable, the clinical Pilates method then targets the rest of the body in order to replicate everyday activity and minimise future injury or pain.

Much of clinical Pilates has built or adapted on the foundations of Joseph Pilates’s vision, but has been modified into levels to accommodate for different levels of competency in the general public.

Pilates is suitable for all to enjoy and everyone’s Pilates journey is individual. Whether you approach Pilates to help manage lower back pain, to promote health and wellbeing or require low impact activity, Pilates is inclusive to all populations. Precision Health and Fitness is a perfect place to start your Pilates journey because we are fully qualified in dealing with injury and pain and collate our injury rehabilitation experience into our safe, therapist led clinical Pilates sessions.