Injury Treatment

Your path to recovery starts here.

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Our approach is simple, easy to understand, and very effective. We believe in getting the fundamentals right from the start, and letting the body do the rest.

"Karla helped me massively when I came to her with a sprained ankle. The diagnosis, variety of exercises and quality of treatment were really top notch and got me back on my feet in no time."

Mr J Samuel-Camps

Our emphasis is on quality assessment, diagnosis and treatment. This may take the form of postural correction, mobilising stiff joints, massaging tight muscles, stretching essential muscle groups, and muscle strengthening exercises to hold it all together.

We believe in proper education to prevent reoccurrence. By treating the causes not the symptoms of injury we ensure the best, long lasting results. We’re not in this to gain customers for life.

We will always try to speak with you in plain, understandable English. We are here to help you get better, not confuse you with long scary medical lingo.

  • Initial Consultation

    We will perform an in-depth examination and assessment, looking at your current condition and taking a brief injury history. We will study movement patterns and posture, and a thorough look at the affected area.
  • Home Exercises & Stretches

    This is where you come in. Our therapists will provide you with a tailor-made plan of exercises and stretches to take home and perform on a regular basis between appointments.
  • Follow-Up Appointments

    Here we will check your rehabilitation progress, perform any necessary treatment and adjust your home-based rehabilitation plan accordingly.
  • End-stage Rehabilitation

    This is where we get you back to your peak (and potentially surpass it!) Our aim here is gradually returning you to your sport or activity, preferably in a better state than ever, with our specialised strength and conditioning routines.
  • Sign-off

    By this stage you will be back to activity - we will often leave you with advice on how to prevent injuries reoccurring. However, we're always here for you if you need us again in the future.