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Yoga incorporates a selection of poses designed to connect the mind with the body.

"Over the years of doing yoga with you I’ve noticed such a difference in my breathing, also I carry much less tension, especially in my hamstrings and I am much more flexible. I have a very long way to go but I’m enjoying the journey.”


Discover the transformative power of yoga, an ancient tradition that fosters a sense of wholeness and well-being. Our approach is holistic, valuing each individual as unique and precious, aiming to guide you towards a state of happiness, health, and inner peace within yourself and the world.

Experience the numerous benefits of yoga, including pain reduction, enhanced flexibility, strength building, injury recovery, stress management, burnout prevention, emotional resilience, and increased adaptability. The practice encompasses physical postures, controlled breathing, and relaxation techniques, creating a harmonious balance for the body and mind. Our classes blend classical Hatha yoga with Yin yoga, and restorative yoga, offering a comprehensive path to deep well-being.

In our inclusive yoga classes, we focus on deep relaxation, stretching, alignment, core strength, balance, and flexibility work. The classes are designed for mixed abilities, welcoming everyone from beginners to those with decades of practice. Our supportive community encourages newcomers, fostering a warm and friendly environment where everyone feels at ease.

Adapting to various experience levels and accommodating individual conditions, our classes prioritise your well-being. We offer personalised guidance, including modifications for injuries or restrictions. Upon joining, we’ll discuss any concerns, ensuring your yoga practice is tailored to meet your unique needs. Join us on this enriching journey towards physical and mental harmony through the practice of yoga.